5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight While Running

I believe you are just confused as to why you channel your time and energy to run each day and yet you don’t get the results you want. Results I mean losing weight. Well over the years researchers have come out with quite a number of exercises that lead to weight loss. And running is one of such exercises. Well, if you are not losing those pounds while running then obviously you are not doing something right. I want to take you through (6) reasons you are not losing weight whiles running. Reasons such as inactiveness for the rest of the day after running, over eating, taking too much for the energy to lose, you need to take is easy, it’s not just running.

* Inactiveness For The Rest Of The Day After Running
What you are doing wrong; running for the few minutes in the morning is not enough to lose weight. You properly ran for the most 45 minutes and you get back home and the remaining 23 hours and 15 minutes if for the couch, bed and or the office desk. That is laziness, my dear, losing weight does not only depend on the 45 minutes running you do each morning.
What you need to do right; know that the 45 minutes run is not enough for the day and the exercise does not end there. There are Physical Activity Guidelines you should understand and it forms part of your health. For the rest of the day just walk, run the staircase, take 3 to 5 minutes’ walk after every 30 to 45 minutes sitting in the chair or lying on the couch or bed.

* Over Eating
What you are doing wrong; don’t you think you are over eating or simply put it you eat too much therefore you keep gaining weight. Over taking too many calories will not burn well for you. For every weight watcher, you consume many calories every single day and expect to run it off just like that? NO NO….even though you might be running every morning.
What you need to do right; stick to your calorie counts every day and every week. A Food Journal will help you on this. A food journal will help you keep track of your calorie count daily. That way you can sort out the meals that were high and low in calorie. Then you can change your meals and plan for the fewer calorie ones. This is the only sure way to achieve your expected weight loss results. Just stop eating too much

*Taking too much for the energy to lose
What you are doing wrong; Energy gels and drinks etc, are good. But I strongly disagree that a weight watcher who is just doing a normal routine of exercise via running will pack your body with energy gels and carbs replacements etc. Taking these drinks and gels just increases your calorie counts. So what calories are burning then?
What you need to do right; just avoid the energy drinks and gels. They contain high carbs and sugar. Just keep to your body energy level. I only recommend it for marathoners and even them, there should be a control on how and when to take them. For a starter, it is best you build on it every day till you can run off for a longer period and burn as many calories as you can. Before exercise, you can take a few snacks that contain carbs just to fuel you up but not too much. A good and balanced meal after a workout will reinstate your body.

*You Need to Take Is Easy
What you are doing wrong; do you run every day? Well, it is not about running every day. Like I said earlier, if you eat too much and take too many calories you will not be burning calories much like you think. You only end up stressing your body up. Your hormones get exhausted too you know, there you need to take it easy. It is about how much calories you burn each time you run.
What you need to do right; you need to run to lose weight but How Much Weight Can You Lose Running Every day. You can run a maximum of five and minimum of four times weekly to drop a pound of weight weekly. You need to rest some days but that is not to say that you should curb activeness for the whole day.

*It’s Not Just Running
What you are doing wrong; to lose weight running is one exercise to engage in. But it is wrong when you neglect the other running exercises you need to add up to the usual running to make your weight loss effects. You become used to this one form of running and it no longer becomes challenging for you.
What you need to do right; Run to make every muscle to firm up. Just make running more challenge for you every day. For example, integrate speed work into your running to burn a huge amount of calories in the shortest while. That way you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Run up to the hills, run with a partner(s) and be the focus while you run. Work out more to increase your muscle mass.

Running is very challenging when you put your mind to it. Have fun with it and couple it with a balanced diet to achieve your weight loss results. You need to strategically factor in all forms of exercises too. Every week climb the scale to see how you getting to lose weight weekly.